Engineering Mathematics by K A Stroud

Engineering Mathematics by K. A. Stroud is a book that is recommended to most first year undergraduates for many technical subjects.

The book as new is not cheap, even in second hand it can be pricey.

My personal experience of using this book has been nothing but positive through my years in university and after. Even now I still have it around and I know some engineer friends who refer to it.

The book caters to all level of abilities, starting off with the basic grounding pf algebra and then progressing at a good pace with many examples, so you are not at a loss unlike with some other books which skip steps.

It allows you to learn at your own pace and progress at your pace as well. What I found with this book is the progress of understanding the subject area creeps up on you and before you know it; you maybe ahead of your contemporaries and people will begin asking you for help more than you’d like to.

It is a great book which builds up your confidence and then powers you along. Using this book, the lowest I got in a Mathematics exam in university was 60%. That was my fault as I was late for the exam. I found that Mathematics was the easier part of the course – I was doing Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

The only problem with this book is that because it is a recommended book, you will have trouble getting it from the library as there will be people hoarding it or double booking it.

If you can buy your own or get a second hand from charity shops.

I highly recommend this book for anyone doing a technical course.

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