Working From Home and Home Schooling – How to Get Everything Done

Here are some tips that help me get more done while working from home and home schooling my children.

1. Schedule.

Know what you need to accomplish in your day, and create a schedule. It may be a loose schedule with big blocks of time for general things (for example, morning for school work, afternoons for business work, evenings for family time) or it may be a more precise schedule with hourly plans (breakfast at 8am, math at 9am, spelling at 10am, mom checks email while kids take a break at 10:30am, etc). This depends on your personality. Try different strategies to find what works best for you and your family.

2. Plans and Lists.

I keep lists and plans. My weekly menu is on the fridge. My shopping list is also there and as soon as we run out of something it goes on the list. I plan to use the crock pot frequently, especially when I know a day will be busy. I choose home school curriculum that comes with the plans already laid out so it’s easy to “open and go” then just check off the boxes as we complete things. I’m a big fan of following things that work and not trying to re-invent the wheel.

My calendar stays on my desk and when I have specific projects or things that need done they go on the calendar. I keep an eye on what’s due and what’s coming up soon. I also use Basecamp online for client work and some of my own projects.

Find the types of lists and plans that work for you. Keep your planning tools in the most convenient places so you are reminded to use them and follow them.

3. Have support.

Surround yourself with people and systems that support you in the things you’ve got to accomplish. We’ve chosen to home school through a charter school program that gives us a teacher I can call or email when I need help. I have business friends that I know I can go to for support and accountability as well. Makes a world of difference to know that’s there if I need it.

4. Challenge yourself.

If you think it’ll take 30 minutes to clean your kitchen or speed through your email, set your timer for 15 and just see if you can get it done quicker. You might be surprised how often it works!

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