UFT Leadership--We Are Superheroes. You Are a Contrary Galoot.

UFT Leadership–We Are Superheroes. You Are a Contrary Galoot.

Not in these terms, of training course.  But they like to portray the UFT President as an infallible super hero, sort of like the a single on the remaining. He is going through down not possible odds though you and I are whining on the sidelines. I are not able to sit by way of the City Hall presentations any extra, but James Eterno did, and kindly took notices:

We you should not wait around for a little something to materialize.

They unquestionably never. They manufactured a offer, six months forward of the 2018 contract, for tremendous wellness financial savings (for the town, not us). That is why they preferred to dump all metropolis retirees into an Advantage prepare. They in essence agreed to fund our individual increase, an counterintuitive, stupid precedent that will charge us dearly in deal negotiations.

Other people today just say no. That does not sit very well with us. Persons will yell and scream and do other points. 

This is the stereotype they trot out any time any member dares disagree with them. You “just say no” for no distinct explanation. Actually, I’ve agreed with a whole lot of factors management did. I loved parental leave. It is really nevertheless a great advancement around the very little we experienced beforehand. I supported the 2018 deal (with no thought the well being price savings they agreed to ended up so reckless and hurtful). 

Here is the change between me and UFT leadership–when I make a error I are likely to say, “Sorry, I built a miscalculation.” Back again when we had an on the net grading program, pupils would arrive up to me and question, “How appear I received a 10 rather of a 100?” I would say, “I variety too speedy,” and repair it. Had been I UFT management, I might say to my pupils, “You are a whiner, usually yelling and screaming and expressing no.” Then I’d fall short the kid for no purpose. 

If I acted like that, I’d be unfit. 

In actuality, as someone who may well retire quickly, I was also open to the improve in retiree well being care. But as soon as they unsuccessful to even analyze the metropolis code, and missing the provider, I failed to really feel these persons were able of negotiating anything worthwhile. Perfectly, I was completely wrong to assist the health and fitness treatment modify, and I was completely wrong to aid the 2018 deal. Color my eyes extensive open, and simply call me a nattering nabob of negativity. I’ve been running a blog given that 2005, training because 1984, and I have heard way worse. 

We want to create the finest retiree system in the Usa. We will not signal unless of course we imagine the approach is far better.

Management now distances by itself from Medicare Gain. Who can blame them, supplied their spectacular and very public failure? The actuality is, even though, there is no alternative for them that will pump hundreds of thousands of pounds into the city like Edge will. The other is, NOT all doctors acknowledge it. And even so they do it, it truly is possible to be picked up by nearby medical practitioners, just as GHI/ Emblem is. If you happen to be setting up to move wherever but Florida, great luck. 

Want transparency. Want file of prior authorizations. Want to be ready to go to an skilled if there is a disagreement and a person is denied.

We want a good deal of points. The point is, though, that the only reason Benefit gets revenue from the feds is that it saves them cash. And it does so by denying processes. And the persons who do so are often expert. Potentially they’re expert in saving income for the corporation, but they are skilled even so. 

Only one particular alternative if we really don’t change Municipal Code.

And that’s for the reason that you are unwilling to combat for what’s ideal. Evidently, you are unwilling even to negotiate. Which is what takes place when you insist you might be ideal no make a difference what. That is what transpires when you give up and refuse to struggle.

There will be in-services vs retiree.

You now advised us that, in an e mail.  UFT President Michael Mulgrew wrote us declaring that if we didn’t screw the retirees, we might screw in-service lecturers. Which is the vintage zero-sum sport, the same detail which is held The united states from common wellbeing care and a continuing robust center class. It really is between the quite worst messages a union chief could broadcast. If you don’t support us screw them, we’re gonna screw you. Big threat

But it is really much too late for that. You screwed us all when you agreed to that health and fitness care offer in 2018. Your task is to correct your oversight, not blame us.

Disrespect toward persons giving data is unacceptable. People attacking chapter leaders and district reps not acceptble. 

In other phrases, sit down, shut up, and never dare disagree with us, ever. This is not how you construct activism or union. We make activism and union by using collective action, not by blindly sagreeing with those people who’ve failed us above and above, and certainly not by issuing them a blank examine to do it yet again. 

UFT management sees by themselves as Captain Marvel, but on this astral plane, they never even measure up to Captain Underpants.