Steal Like a Teacher: Where to find quick teaching ideas

Steal Like a Teacher: Where to find quick teaching ideas

We teachers are the Very best at stealing issues.

And I will not imply that in a prison, nefarious way.

I think Austin Kleon clarifies it very best in his guide, Steal Like an Artist

Just about every artist gets asked the problem, “Exactly where do you get your thoughts?” The trustworthy artist responses, “I steal them.”¬†

How does an artist glance at the environment? 1st, you figure out what is worthy of stealing, then you move on to the upcoming point. That is about all there is to it.

I signify, it only will make feeling. We teachers are notoriously brief on time. (When you approach your lavatory breaks in advance, it is a good sign that you’re time-strapped.)

This is one more factor about us instructors. We are also tremendous generous. We share ideas with fellow educators, students … seriously any person who can benefit.

That implies there is a large amount of fantastic stuff out there, but it isn’t best for accurately what we require to do.

So, what do we do?

We steal.* Then we remix, reuse and repurpose. We assign it to our college students.

Then we go on to the subsequent factor.

Want to get far better at this necessary talent — some thing that aids you get more completed AND serve your pupils?

In this put up you may understand …

  • How to obtain excellent materials you can use in class
  • How to steal it (copy, remix, adjust, and assign)
  • How to cut WAY down on flashcard sets and critique online games you build
  • How to uncover pre-penned lessons in well-known applications
  • How to find “copy, adjust, and assign” lessons to use correct absent

Know of more methods? You should share them in the responses under. ¬†Because, you know … we are generous … and we like to empower other teachers’ stealing routines!¬†

*Take note: Be sure to normally give credit rating to the authentic creator. We definitely do not necessarily mean for any one to steal other educator’s thoughts and go them off as their individual. Just take, borrow, steal and remix as you like, and is allowed by CC and/or the creator, but give a shout out to the first creator when you share or existing.