Psychics and Spirits – What Is the Connection?

Do all psychics see spirits? Do you need to be psychic, or sensitive to see, sense or hear a spirit?

Or, maybe like I once was……you doubt spirit contact is even possible?

The truth is, there are few areas MORE controversial than the art and science of spiritual psychics, or those that purport to communicate with the other side. And the #1 thing I’ve learned, and experience first hand after 20 years of psychic research, readings and writing as both a CLIENT and a professional paranormal publisher is this:

Genuine mediumship, or the ability to truly communicate with the other side is a RARE skill indeed.

Most psychics are NOT mediums. Believe it or not, most psychics don’t WANT to communicate with the dead, either..:-) I’ve even had a few experiences where an intuitive, or reader I’ve seen has been a BIGGER skeptic about the existence of an afterlife, or spiritual realm….than the most argumentative skeptic debunker’s I’ve met along the way.

But when you have experienced a genuine connection with the other side, through the eyes, ears and voice of a real clairvoyant, you’ll simply never look at life the very same way again.

The connection between psychic ability and spirits?

There is no question that the very best mediums have a deeper psychic sensitivity, a refined sense of awareness and possess a “power” that most of us can’t access. As a matter of fact, it’s very common for a gifted medium to start displaying these skills at a very young age……or to be pre cognitively aware of paranormal events BEFORE they happened, even in their youth. (often “death” related events, with the young psychic seeing, sensing or feeling the spirit of a family member well before they died, or at the moment of death, often many miles away)

The truth is, you DON’T need to be special, or sensitive to see, sense or feel a spirit. As a matter of fact, studies show that MILLIONS of people routinely have experiences that are extraordinary….and often involve visits from family and friends who are no longer of this world! As a matter of fact, in a recent survey, more than 80% of parents who have lost a child, and over 50% of married couples where a spouse has died, have had a VISUAL experience with their loved one…..within 12 months of death.

The best way to prove that your loved ones live on is to seek out a spiritual psychic. I spent years as a skeptic, and it wasn’t until i had my own inexplicable, life changing experience on the telephone…..many years ago, that MY life changed forever. (and opened a wide window into the amazing adventure that is my life today!)