Jungian Psychology – The Meaning of Dreams and Psychological Types

Carl Jung discovered the meaning of dreams and their healing power. I learned his method and I managed to continue his research and discover a lot more only thanks to his discoveries.

I’m merely an organizer. I simply improved Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, clarifying all the obscure points in his work.

You don’t have to waste your time like me and his students, trying to understand the meaning of your dreams after comparing and analyzing many dreams, and after waiting for confirmations. I show you how to simply exchange dream images with words and immediately understand the unconscious messages.

Carl Jung’s research was very arduous and dangerous. He is a genius who deserves a Nobel Prize.

The fact that he could discover that our dreams are produced by the unconscious mind is a big victory by itself. Nobody else could understand that there is a dream producer besides him. This is why the Jungian psychology is based on the unconscious guidance.

Jung looked for the meaning of the symbols that appear in dreams by trying to understand the meaning that the same symbols had for each civilization. The same symbols were found in the art and in the religious and philosophical manifestations of various different civilizations. Nobody else would have his patience and analyze so many symbols in the entire human history.

Jung also compared his findings with the work of the mysterious alchemists. He discovered that there were numerous revealing symbolic transformations in the alchemists’ studies that explain the meaning of dreams.

He also discovered the existence of different psychological types that define the human behavior. He perceived that there are people who work based on their reasoning, while other people work based on their feelings, on their sensations, or on their intuition. He discovered 8 different types that define the human behavior. There are four introverted psychological types and four extroverted types.

He managed to exactly describe the behavior of each psychological type, and exactly separate one type from another. He also managed to exactly describe the neurotic behavior of each type. Unfortunately, each psychological type makes certain mistakes, and tends to become neurotic with time.

The unconscious messages are basically related to the protection of the dreamers from the abnormalities generated by their one-sided psychological type.

All psychological types are absurd because they work based on only one psychological function. For example, those who belong to a psychological type based on thoughts have no feelings. They make their decisions based on their rationalism. They cannot understand how other people feel with their ideas.

You have to discover your psychological type and completely develop your human conscience in order to be completely balanced. My work confirms Jung’s important discoveries, proving that your psychological transformation through dream therapy is absolutely necessary for your own safety.