Insurance Continuing Education – The Credits to Keep You Going

Insurance Continuing Education – The Credits to Keep You Going

What courses can you take to continue your insurance education? Where are the best places to get these courses? Well, I am here to give a little information on continuing your insurance education in California. Insurance agents are required to keep themselves informed on their rules and regulations, because the landscape changes so frequently in the insurance industry. Some of the required courses in continuing your insurance education are Life and Health Courses, Life and Fire Casualty Courses, and Property and Casualty Courses.

One of the continuing insurance education courses that are under Life and Health category, which you are required to take is:

Annuities- which is when an insurance company pays out income benefits monthly for a person’s life or for the life of two or more people, or pays them money for a specified period of time. In order to complete this course for your continuing insurance education you will have to finish 7 credit hours, which also requires you to read the updated books and take the exam.

Now there are also other courses in other fields of continuing your insurance education such as:

Life and Fire Casualty Courses-

Disability Insurance Coverage: Which is just in case something ever happens to you such as illness, sickness, or you run into some type of accident. You know the guidelines the company must follow.

Property and Casualty Courses-

Homeowners Insurance: which is if anything were to happen to your home, you would have insurance to alleviate some of your losses.

Continuing your insurance education in these two courses is one of the most important in insurance because they are centered on the people and their everyday life. The requirements for disability insurance coverage are 11 credit hours, and taking an exam after you complete the reading process. The requirements for the homeowners insurance course is 8 credit hours, and to take the exam after you have done the reading process.

These are just some of the few courses you will have to take when you are continuing your insurance education.

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