Have a Spooky Good Time With a Ghost Hunting Tour

If you’re someone who when things that go bump in the night get your blood pumping in a good way, then you should consider a ghost hunting tour for your next vacation to the UK. All of Europe is steeped in history, with mysteries surrounding royal scandals as well as blood feuds and violent battles. The UK is especially rich in this history and has quite the afterlife to experience once the sun goes down.

Where You Could Visit

Castles, of course, are among the top draws when it comes to ghost hunting tours. After all, castles housed not only royalty but also servants, guards, armies and a host of visitors. Disease, crimes of passion, war and other means of death likely occurred within the castle walls and grounds, and some of its victims stick around to haunt the area.

Old schools, pubs, forts, bunkers, city halls, mansions and even cemeteries could all be on the list to visit for your ghost hunting tour. It just depends which historical back story of a particular location is the most intriguing to you.

How to Choose a Paranormal Tour

Because there are likely quite a few companies that tout ghost tours, you need to know which one to hire for a hauntingly good time. Look for an outfit that employs real psychic mediums to lead the mystical tour of your choice. It is not enough to have a good story based on the history of the area; look for a tour company that uses equipment such as sound recorders, video cameras, still cameras and other pertinent ghost hunting equipment.

Look for a ghost tour company that allows patrons to try out the hunting equipment as well. Do they present tours which offer seances or the use of Ouija boards to call the spirits? What about glass divination, table tipping and other forms of paranormal calling to the spirits? A legitimate touring company does not guarantee a ghostly sighting but should present all the tools and actions possible to make the setting conducive for it.

Safety should be paramount for paranormal tour operators as well. Ask about first aid procedures, safety protocols and even whether they have liability insurance. You don’t want to have to worry about those pesky details in the midst of a dark dungeon waiting for those spirited bumps in the night do you?

Choose a tour that is not too large so you have the benefit of more exposure to the experiences of your psychic medium guide. Also, listen closely to the history of the area that you are visiting so you are more prepared for paranormal sightings during your ghost hunting jaunt.