Common Difficulties in Math Doing and Ways to Conquer Them

Math is a subject applied in many other subjects and it has a relationship with almost all fields of life. Its usage is found in every corner of the world including fields like art, money, engineering, sports and architecture. The discoveries in mathematical field arose out of the needs of the society and they have been used for satisfying human wants.

Right from preschool and kindergarten, study of Math has been in practice and students start learning Math and language together in their pre primary level. Counting, playing Math games are part of kindergarten curriculum and they are used as essential tools to measure the students’ general numerical capabilities which lay the ground for advanced skills in the subject in later days.

Though kids enjoy their Math activities at kindergarten level, they find the subject gruesome as time goes on and start disliking Math classes. Without knowing the reason for their dislike for Math, students dread Math classes. In most of the cases, students do not express their Math related problems either to the parents or school authorities. Proper care and timely attention on the part of parents and teachers are essential to bring students out of their difficult situations in Math learning.

Following are some causes of Math trouble in students

Dyscalculia: It is a mental condition of students’ disability in counting and working with number concepts. It differs from student to student. Some students find counting the objects in a group difficult, some find Math facts hard and some are not able to use Math related vocabulary with ease.

Dyslexia: It is a very common problem found among students of their reading skills. Students with dyslexia find word problems hard to do.

Math anxiety: It is a common mental condition which is caused by parental pressure, peer pressure, lack of confidence and a belief in Math related myths.

Lack of visual processing: If the student is unable to recognize patterns or read charts and maps, it is a sure case of visual processing disorder.

All these conditions are not panicky and it is in the hands of a parent to take care of the matter through suitable solutions. Contacting the school teacher, getting advice from a psychologist, meeting other parents with similar situation are some remedies parents can seek for their kids’ learning difficulties in Math. Parents might also make Math a fun subject via technological tools and apps and boost the confidence of students.

Educational experts in the online tutoring field suggest suitable measures for such conditions of students through their diagnosis test and personalized sessions. The frank discussions of online Math tutors with their custom-made approaches make students explain their condition to them with an open mind. By doing so, students are able to get suitable solutions from subject experts in virtual tutoring centers. Their patient approach to students is an added factor in the scenario.

Thus, learning Math poses some difficulties for students but they can overcome them through proper counseling and help. It is only the timely discovery of their inefficiencies that could fetch promising results for Math strugglers in the future.