Cancer Study and Mitchell Foy’s Coloured House-Time Model

Through the 20th Century the mechanical logic of quantum mechanics ruled world wide technological tradition. The end result of this in the 21st Century is one particular of an obsession with continual financial progress bringing about an acceleration of around the world financial chaos.

Tens of millions of refugees, desperate for an escape from basic religious terrorism and requiring food stuff and shelter, depict the abysmal failure of prevailing economic fact. To rising figures of determined men and women, leaders advocating a variety of wonderful escape from crippling poverty as a result of warfare, provide some pretty vague glimmer of hope and their mobilisation for armed conflict will become a quick respite from their hideous and hopeless boredom. This can be deemed to be a carcinogenic expansion situation.

This challenge depicts quantum mechanics logic as some form of cancerous development inhabiting the head of science, economics and religious political ambition. This is to be anticipated, as the scientific understanding of the energies governing quantum mechanics logic have been classified as the energies of chaos. Having said that, in cancer study another sort of energy has been found out. It is named facts vitality, which, in the rising science of quantum biology, entangles with the chaos energy to evolve emotional consciousness. The 1937 Nobel Laureate in Drugs, Szent-Gyorgyi, wrote that ignorance of that evolutionary method depicted a primitive carcinogenic mentality.

It is now possible to immortalise Einstein’s genius, by releasing it from the limitations of quantum mechanical fact. Quite a few researchers are getting to be informed of the existence of this recently rising human survival logic. Having said that, the prevailing universal warmth dying paradigm, upholding a mechanistic globe-perspective, requires the entropic destruction of all lifestyle and is blocking its sustainable futuristic development.

A sensible association with the dwelling process and Isaac Newton’s published but minimal regarded description of gravitational drive, is significant. He held gravity as currently being accountable for the evolution of emotional consciousness inside of an infinite universe. It is not hard to build rational associations linking the residing course of action to his theory of gravitational force. His thought of gravity demolishes the sterile logic of quantum mechanics. The incorrect assumption that his strategy of gravity was caused by mechanical chaos physics concepts in an infinite universe, was a pretty severe error. The only arithmetic able of supporting his notion of infinite evolving psychological consciousness, belongs to infinite fractal logic. Nevertheless, the shut program logic upholding quantum mechanics calls for thermodynamic extinction alternatively the dwelling method belonging to an open up system of infinite evolution.

The Mark Robinson model of room-time fact was referred to in just a quantum biology paper posted by the philosophers of science Huping Hu and Maoxin Wu. His model was selected as an case in point of open up technique wondering in defiance of the prevailing paradigm of thermodynamic power modelling. Of fascination is a principle belonging to Mitchell Foy, which one-way links colour perception with data theory to Robinson’s space-time design.

Usually, colour is recognized as being a product of consciousness. Mitchell Foy argues that organic survival depended upon recognition of the uniqueness of colored facts. For example, an consciousness of toxic foodstuff or predictor intent, depended on an astute colour sense in just the head. At a a lot more complex informational power amount, colour notion performs a critical role in authentic-time survival know-how. Red, green and blue cone cells in the human retina regarded as photograph receptor cells, transmit crucial wavelength electricity information to the mind. In specific, this theory relates to Robinson’s switching wavelength phenomenon of previous existing and long term factors inside a solitary second of time, and this might effectively be of critical survival curiosity.

Foy blends the time period ‘chrontextual information’ as a substantial addition to Robinson’s depiction of the working of universal house-time electrical power info. From a most cancers investigate viewpoint this is an significant observation. In vibrational colour principle the Doppler influence triggers regular improve to the structure of details power states. Red shift signifies previous actuality and a preoccupation with its set factual awareness can be witnessed as depicting a cancerous shut mentality point out of static consciousness. In simplified terminology, inexperienced vibrational house-time actuality offers consciousness of perceptual fact, though blue shift vibrations represent expected or expectational truth, an intuitive sample recognition survival purpose with the human brain.

Mitchell Foy’s house-time colour theories seem to lead to Newton’s strategy of an emotional gravitational consciousness. His linking of potential human participation within just an infinite universal actuality describes Aristotle’s science to manual ennobling government for the health of the universe. As the mathematician Georg Cantor insisted, the finest impediment to establishing Aristotle’s moral political science is for experts to keep their prevailing mentality, held within just the chaotic confines of a fixed previous reality.

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